3 Benefits of Digital Printing

Posted on Digital Printing October 15, 2017 by Steve Jones

When thinking about an upcoming printing project, one of the most important decisions you have to make is whether to go with digital or offset printing. As you’ll notice during the research process, there will be differences in cost, as well as visual characteristics that set each printing method apart. Let’s take a look at Read more →

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What’s the Difference Between Saddle Stitch and Perfect Bound?

Posted on Full-Service Bindery, Printing Tips September 15, 2017 by Steve Jones

Are you looking for the best binding option for your print materials? Of course, there are a lot of factors when it comes to choosing the best binding technique for your particular project. Saddle stitch and perfect bound books are two of the most popular techniques. These are durable and stylish binds that are commonly used for books of Read more →

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Preparing for Hurricane Irma in South Florida

Posted on South Florida September 6, 2017 by Taylor Jacoby

We’re a Miami-based company, and naturally, a lot of our customers are based in South Florida. Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma is poised to affect our metro area. If you’re in Irma’s cone, please be safe. Don’t be naive, and assume that it’ll miss us. It’s better be safe than sorry. If you reside in Southeast or Read more →

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The Benefits of Variable Printing

Posted on Digital Printing August 15, 2017 by Taylor Jacoby

Variable data printing (also known as VDP) is a method of digital printing that is growing in popularity due to the power it gives marketers, businesses, and others to customize individual pieces in a larger batch of printed materials. Starting with a standard template, which might include your logo, images, and/or text, variable data printing Read more →

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Which Coating Should You Add to Your Printing?

Posted on Printing Tips July 12, 2017 by Steve Jones

Specialty coatings or finishes can help protect your printed documents and add aesthetic appeal. Learning more about the types of coatings can help you decide which best suits your needs. Varnish Coating: Ink-Type Coating Protects and Enhances Varnish coatings, the earliest printing coatings, are applied with a printing press, just like printing ink. They are Read more →

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