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File Requirements & Specifications

Preferred File Format (PDF):

  • Hi-res PDF (Press Optimized) with compressions set to none, with .125 bleed. Crop marks should be placed .125 from trim so they do not show up in bleed area. All fonts and images must be embedded in a CMYK format.

Native File Requirements:

  • All files must be in CMYK format
  • All files must be a minimum of 300 dpi
  • All files must have a bleed no less than .125 all around
  • All files must contain all links and fonts
  • Spot varnishes and Pantone colors must be set to spot color
  • Text should be kept .25 from trim lines


Apple (OSx) users – you must save your files with an extension (e.g. myInDesignFile.indd) – if not the utility will not read/store the files correctly.

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Upload Limit is 1GB

Step 1

Before you proceed, make sure you have Java installed on your computer. Click on the Java Test link button to verify. If you do not have Java installed, the Java Test page will prompt you to install a new version of Java. Java is a free software utility from Sun Microsystems.

Verify Java

Step 2

Click on the button below to start uploading files via the web.

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