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5 Most Popular Printed Marketing Materials

Posted on Commercial Printing July 12, 2019 by Taylor Jacoby

Printed marketing materials aren’t dead. And while we’re on the topic, they aren’t old fashioned, moth-eaten relics either. They remain among the most effective marketing materials out there. How effective are we talking? Direct mail boasts response rates of 10 to 30 times that of comparable digital content such as email blasts. 

When it comes to printed marketing materials, it’s time to give them a second chance. Read on to learn more about printed marketing collateral and how it could revitalize your marketing efforts. 

Printed Marketing Collateral

Print marketing materials remain extremely effective, sometimes more so than digital alternatives. Consumers report feeling overwhelmed by unsolicited marketing emails and other digital content. These messages fill their inboxes, making them less receptive to digital marketing. It’s little wonder, then, that these same consumers prove receptive to direct mail delivered via a much less saturated channel. 

Top 5 Types of Print Marketing Materials

Which types of printed marketing materials are most effective when it comes to lead generation and conversions? Let’s take a look at our top five favorite pieces of print collateral:

1. Brochures

Like all print media, brochures have serious staying power. What’s more, your sales team will thank you for printing them. They give people something to hold onto thereby keeping your products and services top of mind. 

2. Infographics

While sharing infographics online is all the rage right now, don’t stop there. When printed out, infographics can prove attractive and highly engaging. You can use them as posters or pass them out to prospects after big sales pitches. 

3. Business Cards

While some forms of printed materials have declined in use in recent years, business cards remain strong contenders. They’re great for networking and exchanging information, and you’ve got more design options now than ever before.

4. Instructions

Printed instructions still prove much easier for people to use. You don’t have to worry about scrolling down a tablet or other electronic device and having to constantly unlock your screen. Plus, you keep your hands free for the task at hand.

5. One-sheeters

Unlike a brochure, which includes an overview of what your company does, a one-sheeter focuses on one service or product that you offer. That said, a one-sheet still proves as useful to your sales team as a brochure. Learn more about how to improve your visuals and ramp up your sales. 

Print and Marketing: A Beautiful Friendship

Despite the digital age, print materials remain an ingrained part of the human experience. We’ve been writing and printing on paper for millennia, and reading from the page remains a satisfying, tactile experience. It’s also one with staying power. That’s why many people still choose books and magazines over Kindles and Nooks. It’s also why people continue to take notes by hand in meetings and pass out handouts during presentations

While today’s average American sees millions of things every day on their screens, they deal with far less printed collateral. As a result, a brochure or handout that customers can hold “feels” more valuable and special.

Why You Need Printed Marketing Materials

Printed marketing materials show those around you that you’ve gone the extra mile when it comes to creating a lasting impression. You’ve put in the time and the effort for a professional presentation, and you leave this image behind. In fact, marketers refer to printed materials as a “leave-behind.” This “leave-behind” not only helps you stay top of mind with potential customers but it also extends your presence. 

Ready to extend your company’s presence by adding value to your next marketing campaign through printed materials? Read on to learn more about our customizable variable printing services

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