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Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing

Posted on Printing Tips, Digital Printing, Commercial Printing December 28, 2020 by Jackie Gonzalez

Are you new to the logistics of direct marketing? You might find yourself asking: “What is the difference between digital printing and offset printing?” and “How is the difference between these two printing services going to affect my business’s direct marketing pieces?”  From deciphering paperweight conversions to selecting the right finish for your product, a Read more →

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The Print Industry – Getting Back on Track in 2021

Posted on Industry News, Printing Tips, Digital Printing, Commercial Printing, Sustainable Printing November 23, 2020 by Jackie Gonzalez

(December 2020) As we all know, 2020 has been responsible for a substantial amount of impending issues across the printing industry and the print market. Issues caused by the serious economic downturn brought upon by COVID-19. From small print shops to commercial printing companies, hundreds have been forced to close their doors. Only a select Read more →

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‘Tis the season to drive holiday sales! Do you have your direct marketing plan printed and ready for the holidays?

Posted on Printing Tips, Digital Printing, Commercial Printing November 2, 2020 by Jackie Gonzalez

The holiday season is right around the corner. With holidays like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas quickly approaching, companies should begin getting their incentives tangibly in front of their ideal consumers. Did you know that quarter 3 and 4 tend to have the highest engagement and responses when it comes to Read more →

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Pros and Cons of Digital Printing

Posted on Digital Printing May 13, 2020 by Taylor Jacoby

Most people assume that digital printing is best solution for their business, but the decision between digital, web, and sheet-fed printing really depends on your printing needs. At Solo Printing, we like to explain to our customers that there isn’t just a single printing solution that can fulfill everyone’s needs. What is Digital Printing? Digital Read more →

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The Benefits of Variable Printing

Posted on Digital Printing December 15, 2019 by Taylor Jacoby

Variable data printing (also known as VDP) is a method of digital printing that is growing in popularity due to the power it gives marketers, businesses, and others to customize individual pieces in a larger batch of printed materials. Starting with a standard template, which might include your logo, images, and/or text, variable data printing Read more →

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