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The Print Industry – Getting Back on Track in 2021

Posted on Industry News, Printing Tips, Digital Printing, Commercial Printing, Sustainable Printing November 23, 2020 by Jackie Gonzalez

(December 2020) As we all know, 2020 has been responsible for a substantial amount of impending issues across the printing industry and the print market. Issues caused by the serious economic downturn brought upon by COVID-19. From small print shops to commercial printing companies, hundreds have been forced to close their doors. Only a select Read more →

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Full-Service Bindery- Which Type is Right For Your Project?

Posted on Solo Printing, Digital Printing, Commercial Printing, Sustainable Printing, Full-Service Bindery April 3, 2019 by Taylor Jacoby

You’ve put sweat and tears into your project and now it is ready to be published.  Which type of full-service bindery is right for such a labor of love?  There are several binding services and finishes to consider for your project. You want a bindery service that will produce the result you have been envisioning Read more →

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Green Printing and Certification

Posted on Sustainable Printing August 29, 2016 by Taylor Jacoby

Over 2.47 million trees are cut down every day and used for the paper industry. This is why at Solo Printing we have the highest standard for green printing. As a printing company, it’s important to be aware of current practices that adhere to the harvesting of natural resources in an ethical manner. At Solo Read more →

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A Sustainable Paper Supply Guide Is Urged Upon Printers

Posted on Sustainable Printing June 21, 2016 by Taylor Jacoby

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and The World Resources Institute published a new Sustainable Procurement Guide for Wood and Paper-Based Products. This is the most recent upgrade to the guide since the original was released in 2008. The guide deals with a variety of issues including sustainable sourcing, social issues, the environment Read more →

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Russian Scientist Create First 100% Eco-Friendly Ink for Color Printing

Posted on Sustainable Printing February 29, 2016 by Taylor Jacoby

Most color-printing is still harmful to the environment because certain pigments in the ink contain toxic elements. Although Soya-based inks are seen as a more environmentally friendly printing method, Russian scientists decided to dig deeper and move away from the concept of ink’s composition, but rather towards how color is actually perceived. Their research found Read more →

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