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How We Ensure Consistent Color With The G7 Method

Posted on Solo Printing, Certifications December 15, 2017 by Jackie Gonzalez

Have you ever started painting a wall, only to realize that the paint color doesn’t look the same in your home as it did in the store? We all know how frustrating, time consuming and expensive that can be. The same scenario could be applied to the ink colors for your next print job. Fortunately, there is a solution to ensure consistent color every time.

What is the G7 Method?

Solo Printing is proud to be a G7 Master Certified print shop. The G7 method enables print providers to implement ISO printing standards for automation of gray-scale balance, ensuring a consistent color on every print job.

Although G7 certification may appear, at face value, to be an administrative exercise, it is an important guarantee of consistent color and quality, saving time and money, and avoiding unwanted reprints. It takes away the guesswork for the client who asks for a “deeper shade of red” or “a more vibrant green.” Each color, shade, or hue becomes an assigned number which can easily be repeated exactly, on any device in any location.

Solo Printing’s G7 Certification

Idealliance awards G7 Master certification on an annual basis to print companies who have their gray-balance and color densities examined for accuracy and consistency. Every company who has G7 certification will have consistent color, regardless of the printing method used, across any process, ink, or substrate. G7 Master Certification provides assurance of credibility; it is a sure sign of a print provider who is serious about their craft.

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