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How The Printing World Has Been Changed By The Digital Age

Posted on Digital Printing, Industry News December 16, 2016 by Steve Jones

For many years experts have been saying that the rise of the internet will lead to the demise of the printing world. It’s logical to assume that since nowadays you can get news from a number of free sources. However, against all odds the printing world is as strong as it has ever been. For Read more →

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Solo Printing: New Service and Equipment Announcement

Posted on Solo Printing November 22, 2016 by Taylor Jacoby

Digital Printing Solo Printing is proud to announce the installation of our new Xerox Color Press 1000i and the start of a new Digital Printing department. This type of print is an ideal solution for small to medium sized print runs that require quick turnaround times. It also has a cost savings benefit compared to Read more →

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Souteastern Printers Preparing for Hurricane Matthew

Posted on South Florida October 5, 2016 by Steve Jones

Hurricane Matthew is causing the entire East coast to brace itself because it is expected to be one of the nastiest storms of the decade. The printing industry hasn’t had to deal with such a storm for a while, so many are preparing their shops for a direct hit. Chairman and CEO John Falconetti stated: Read more →

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Advantages of Package Printing

Posted on Printing Tips September 16, 2016 by Taylor Jacoby

Due to the digital revolution, a number of advantages can now be enjoyed by the package printing industry. They allow for higher levels of efficiency, reduced costs, and a better service for the end-user. Here are some of the more notable advantages: Personalization: Documents and printing labels can now be personalized because data is now drawn Read more →

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Green Printing and Certification

Posted on Sustainable Printing August 29, 2016 by Taylor Jacoby

Over 2.47 million trees are cut down every day and used for the paper industry. This is why at Solo Printing we have the highest standard for green printing. As a printing company, it’s important to be aware of current practices that adhere to the harvesting of natural resources in an ethical manner. At Solo Read more →

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