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Paper Weight Conversions: LBS to GSM

Posted on Solo Printing, Printing Tips, Commercial Printing, Full-Service Bindery March 26, 2019 by Jackie Gonzalez

At Solo Printing, we are happy to provide full-service commercial printing services spanning the United States and some areas of the Caribbean. For our clients who operate in grams, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to quantify the paper weight of your print project. Use this chart as a convenient tool to make conversions based on the most common paper weight conversions for lbs to gsm. Below are the paper weights Solo Printing provides in both Standard American Weight and Metric Weight.

STANDARD BASIS WEIGHT (lbs)                        GRAMS/SQUARE METER (gsm)     

1)            20lb Bond/Writing/Ledger                        75 gsm

2)            24lb Bond/Writing/Ledger                        90 gsm

3)            28lb Bond/Writing/Ledger                        105 gsm

4)            32lb Bond/Writing/Ledger                        120 gsm

5)            50lb Book/Text/Offset                                  75 gsm

6)            60lb Book/Text/Offset                                  90 gsm

7)            70lb Book/Text/Offset                                 105 gsm

8)            80lb Book/Text/Offset                                 120 gsm

9)            100lb Book/Text/Offset                              150 gsm

10)          65lb Cover                                                          175 gsm

11)          80lb Cover                                                          215 gsm

12)          100lb Cover                                                        270 gsm

13)          130lb Cover                                                        350 gsm



1lb. of Text paper = 1.48 gsm. Multiply each pound of text paper by 1.48.

1 lb. of Cover paper = 2.708 gsm. Multiply each pound of cover paper by 2.708.


80lb. text = 118.4 gsm

80lb. cover = 216.64 gsm


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