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What’s the Difference Between Saddle Stitch and Perfect Bound?

Posted on Printing Tips, Full-Service Bindery May 8, 2020 by Steve Jones

Are you looking for the best binding option for your print materials? Of course, there are a lot of factors when it comes to choosing the best binding technique for your particular project. Saddle stitch and perfect bound books are two of the most popular techniques. These are durable and stylish binds that are commonly used for books of all shapes and sizes. This article discusses the most important differences between perfect bound and saddle stitch binding.

perfect bound and saddle stitched

Perfect Bound

Perfect bound is the most common technique for binding soft cover books. It is a technique that is commonly used in magazines, books, journals, and catalogs of all sizes. The perfect bound technique uses glues to hold the pages to the spine.

Importantly, the spine is part of the front cover. So, the front cover is bent to create the spine and then the pages are glued to this small section. This means there is no seam between the front cover and the spine, creating a smoother, more aesthetic front edge. Perfect bound also allows for better wrap-around printing.

Saddle Stitch

Saddle stitch binding is great for small books (ones with fewer pages), but it has limitations. This method is great for pamphlets and magazines with fewer than 100 pages and the page count must be in multiples of 4.

The saddle stitch binding technique takes full sheets of paper, stapled together in the center. Then the book, including the cover, is folded in half along the line of the staple. This is definitely a cost-effective binding method because no glue is used. Saddle stitch books can be produced very quickly and efficiently. It is also a very eco-friendly process since it wastes no paper glue.

Perfect bound and saddle stitch are both great binding techniques. When shopping for your printing needs, choose the method that is best for your particular project.

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