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Posted on Uncategorized April 2, 2021 by Jackie Gonzalez

  Happy Earth Day!    This month, Earth Day falls on April 22nd. To celebrate, Solo Printing is donating to the Biscayne Bay Foundation! This nonprofit organization is based right in our back yard – South Florida! The Biscayne Bay Foundation works tirelessly to advocate, educate, volunteer and protect South Florida’s waterways. Aside from creating Read more →

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An Introduction to SP Direct: Improving the Effectiveness of Your Direct Mail Campaign By Integrating Digital Marketing Services

Posted on Uncategorized March 1, 2021 by Jackie Gonzalez

DIRECT MAIL WORKS. WE CAN PROVE IT. Many marketing professionals believe that the height of direct mail is behind us. As key industry leaders in commercial printing, we strongly disagree. It should be noted, the United States Postal Service strongly believes that the potential and innovation of direct mail is still unmatched. At this time, Read more →

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How Commercial Printing Makes Its Mark In A Digital World

Posted on Industry News, Printing Tips February 1, 2021 by Jackie Gonzalez

How Commercial Printing Makes Its Mark  In A Digital World If you scroll through Instagram or Facebook, how many ads do you stumble upon? 50? 75? 100 digital advertisements a day? Consumers are seeing a high increase in digital advertisements. Now, it’s significantly harder to remember any specific content actually showcased within digital ads. Let’s Read more →

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Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing

Posted on Printing Tips, Digital Printing, Commercial Printing December 28, 2020 by Jackie Gonzalez

Are you new to the logistics of direct marketing? You might find yourself asking: “What is the difference between digital printing and offset printing?” and “How is the difference between these two printing services going to affect my business’s direct marketing pieces?”  From deciphering paperweight conversions to selecting the right finish for your product, a Read more →

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The Print Industry – Getting Back on Track in 2021

Posted on Industry News, Printing Tips, Digital Printing, Commercial Printing, Sustainable Printing November 23, 2020 by Jackie Gonzalez

(December 2020) As we all know, 2020 has been responsible for a substantial amount of impending issues across the printing industry and the print market. Issues caused by the serious economic downturn brought upon by COVID-19. From small print shops to commercial printing companies, hundreds have been forced to close their doors. Only a select Read more →

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