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What is web offset printing?

Web offset printing is a type of offset printing that continuously feeds a roll of paper through the press. The paper is not precut but is after the printing is complete and then goes to bind or fold. Web offset presses are able to print on one or two sides simultaneously. With these features, web offset printing is perfect for those larger commercial projects.

How it works

Our two, web offset presses produce consistent results of the highest quality rivaling sheet-fed. Web presses are ideal for large runs that demand quick turnaround and consistent quality. With the acquisition of our second 6-unit Komori 38 S, our web department has moved to a new level of sophistication. The Komori’s offer unparalleled quality and versatility with a full array of in-line folding and sheeting options, auto plate, close loop color, in-line aqueous and gluing, allowing many products to be printed and assembled in one quick operation—saving time and money.

Solo Printing has consistent, high-quality printing, and Advanced Interface systems to shorten the production time, which makes for an efficient operation. All of this translates into savings in the quick turnaround time and allows you to put the focus back on your company.

Web Offset

The days of less than mediocre web printing are gone. Our Komori 38s presses produce consistent results of the highest quality rivaling our sheet-fed presses. Ideal for larger print runs that demand a faster turnaround, our web presses deliver exceptional quality and versatility with in-line folding and sheeting options, auto plate, closed loop color control, in-line varnish and gluing. These capabilities allow many products to be printed and assembled in one quick operation saving you time and money. By effectively utilizing our web presses, our pressroom has reached a new level of sophistication. The efficiencies of shorter make-readies and minimizing paper waste yields better schedules and savings to our customers.

Below are some key advantages to our web offset printing services in Florida:

  • Large jobs: web offset printing is ideal higher quantity runs where consistent quality for large volumes is a requirement.
  • Speed: Web presses use rolls of paper instead of sheets which allows for greater speed and efficiency during the print process. Therefore, the cost of printing books, magazines, and catalogs in bulk is much more cost effective.
  • Paper: the cost of paper in the printing process is typically around 65-70% of the overall cost. Purchasing paper in rolls is much more cost effective than purchasing in sheets. Additionally, Solo has the buying power to purchase paper in bulk thus driving costs down.

With web offset printing, Solo is able to utilize the process for any high-volume publications. Some common printing applications include books, magazines, catalogs, and brochures.

Web offset printing Versus sheet-fed printing

Web offset printing rivals sheet-fed printing because sheet-fed printing uses individual pieces of paper that are precut and fed into the press. Sheet-fed printing should be considered for small to medium-size print runs. Web offset printing is faster and can utilize a thinner stock, whereas sheet-fed printing is able to withstand a thicker stock.

Our pressroom is filled with professionals that have a wealth of experience in the printing industry. They understand how to operate our machinery to achieve the ideal end result for our clients. We have spared no expense to equip our pressroom with industry leading web offset printing machinery capable of taking on heavy workloads.

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