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Who Are We

Established in 1985, Solo Printing is a provider of superior color lithography and is one of the nation’s largest minority owned printing companies. Situated on three acres with room to expand, the Solo Printing plant is a 180,000-squarefoot facility located in the Doral/Airport area of Miami. We place a high value on our associates and our customers. Our passionate team, integrated services and turnkey solutions are what clients require today. We don’t just talk about quality…we prove it on each and every job. We stand behind our commitment with results. Whether it be people, resources or technology, Solo Printing is committed to continuous growth and manufacturing in the most efficient manner. We attribute our ongoing expansion to our attention to detail, unparalleled customer service and an unfailing desire to help our customers succeed.

From state-of-the-art electronic prepress to the finest web and sheetfed printing, Solo is well equipped to meet your printing needs. We offer a wide variety of binding and finishing services, including saddle-stitch, perfect binding, gate folding, spiral binding, die cutting, shrink-wrapping and labeling. Solo Printing boasts an array of presses ranging from 6 color sheetfed and web presses. Our multi-unit sheetfed & web presses accommodate a multitude of products. We are confident that we have a press to meet your varying needs. Our presses in combination with our experienced staff allow for the creation of products that enhance marketability and image. Additionally, we have also implemented quality control standards throughout our facility and are G7 Master Certified.

“When thinking of quality, versatility and economy think Solo.”

Mission Statement

Solo Printing is a national, award-winning commercial printing service provider whose purpose is to empower brands and bring an unparalleled worry-free experience to every business from beginning to end, 365 sunny days a year, 24-hours-day!


To excel as the nation’s most trusted leading provider in the printing industry by giving our customers an exceptional experience with quality and reliability through the most diversified talent and innovation.

Meet Jorge & Manny Hernandez

Solo Printing

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April 2009 – THE WORLD is full of people who grouse about the company they work for, bemoaning the manner in which operations are conducted, and placated by the notion that if they were in charge, things would be done differently. That way, things would be done the right way.

The world contains more grousers than entrepreneurs. And that’s simply because few people have the gumption, the nerve, the chutzpah, to step out from their comfort zone and take a chance in life. It’s much easier to gripe and a lot safer than to stick your neck out.

Manny and Jorge Hernandez, who began their respective careers working for other printing companies, could have chosen the grouser tact. But these brothers didn’t just want to be in charge. They had a vision of what they considered the ideal printing company, and now they can stake claim to being co-owners of one of South Florida’s finest.

“Why work for somebody else?” Manny Hernandez philosophizes. “We said to ourselves, let’s just go ahead and do it. We saw what was being done wrong at other print shops, and we didn’t want to make those same mistakes with our company. We were both very young, so we put our energy and our own way of thinking into the business.”

Our Team Makes the Difference

Bringing all the little details


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