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Company History

Bright Ideas, Brilliant Results

The year was 1985 – day glo color was in, Miami Vice was the hottest show in America, and two brothers Manny and Jorge Hernandez started Solo Printing. At the core of their new business was a desire to change printing for the better… with a stronger commitment to technology, quality, and simply “doing things the right way.”

These days, Solo Printing is regarded as one of the best printing companies not only in Miami, but also in the nation – servicing clients from all over the United States and the Caribbean, with a reputation for results which reflects that original commitment we started with. We currently operate out of a 180,000 square foot facility, with over 165 highly trained and dedicated employees, and with some of the most well-recognized brands in retail, travel, and other discerning industries.

On the bases of our nearly three decades of consistent growth and proven results, we’d say the future looks pretty bright, too.

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