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Corporate Social Responsibility

Strengthening Brands, Empowering Communities, and BRIGHTENING the Global Future

For over 30 years, Solo Printing has had lifelong employees that have helped shape Solo Printing lifestyle of connecting ideas, stories, and people by empowering our global community – as innovators, contributors and as leaders. Our commitment, as an ethical family-oriented company, is to empower our nationwide and South Florida businesses’ brands, by having open innovation and using our collective efforts to ensure that all business and our economy soar. This is what helps us to remain award-winning and stems from our passion to empower.

From our Solo family to yours, we recognize that families and individuals are the cornerstone and wealth of the community. We believe in strengthening a healthy society through authentic and intimate relationships close to our company’s heart and soul. And we do so, through promoting Health and Wellness so that all families may thrive in mind, body, and soul, supporting the Arts and Culture to enhance quality of life through personal enrichment and intellectual stimulation to help bring opportunities for community engagement, as well as Education, Women’s Empowerment and Children.

As one of the largest minority-owned businesses, we strive to provide the necessary assistance, tools, and qualifications to the disadvantaged by simply doing what is RIGHT. We seek to give meaning; We seek to give hope. We seek to inspire our future leaders, including the leader in every one of you.

Our belief is that by empowering, we liberate and when we liberate, we create social change. As global citizens, this is not only our civic duty but our moral duty. This is our brand. It is who we are. It is what we do. We are Solo Printing.

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