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Green Printing

Solo Printing has built its success on the core values of excellence and responsibility. With over three decades of commitment to our planet’s environmental health, we have incorporated the latest technology and sustainable forestry standards in our supply chain. We believe that the quality of product and quality of life go hand in hand.

It is this commitment to excellence in all aspects of our printing process that has kept us innovative and responsive to evolving technologies and sustainable forestry practices. Our state-of-the-art expansive and immaculate 180,000 sq. ft. printing facility houses our latest investment in green technology— the Komori presses. They produce the highest quality prints while reducing the environmental footprint.

Komori Presses – A Greener Printing Solution

The new Komori presses— a ten-color Lithrone perfector (1040P) and a six-color Lithrone G40 (GL640)— are equipped with LED UV and IR curing technology. We’ve chosen these Komori presses for their ability to deliver advanced automation that results in greater efficiency, color accuracy, and quicker makeready to reduce waste. With the addition of these two presses, we expect to meet even more demands and be twice as efficient for our clients.

LED UV Curing System – A Sustainable Printing Solution

  • The Komori presses are equipped with an LED UV curing system, which allows the ink to cure instantly, eliminating the need for drying time and powders.
  • LED UV lamps last 10 times longer than traditional UV lamps, allowing savings in cost, time, and waste.
  • The LED UV curing system improves both the working environment and the environment as a whole by eliminating heat, ozone, and mercury.
  • Since UV inks are solvent-free, LED UV curing technology cuts out the release of VOCs (volatile organic chemicals) and their environmental and health risks.
  • The addition of value-added coatings is optimized.
  • Strike-through and other high-end printing effects are possible with impressive results.

IR Curing Technology- A Greener Printing Solution

  • IR curing technology allows for the use of water-based inks, eliminating the need for solvent-based inks, and thereby significantly reducing VOC emissions.
  • IR curing is an energy and cost-efficient solution to large offset printing projects.

Benefits of Green Printing:

  • Reduced use of consumables
  • Low VOC emissions
  • Reduced power consumption (reduced CO2 emissions)
  • Reduced paper and ink consumption
  • Reduction and recycling of waste


Apart from being efficient, these new additions also boast a greener way of printing as a result of Komori’s many environmental initiatives that fall in line with our values of being a reduced waste and greener commercial printing company.


Our Triple Environmental Certification at Solo Printing

Solo Printing supports the promotion of sustainable forestry practices and has earned triple environmental certification to the FSC, SFI, and PEFC Certification Standards. The rigorous industry certifications we’ve been awarded are a testament to our continuing dedication to socially responsible printing practices.


Forest Stewardship Council Certification (FSC)

Forest Stewardship Council Certification (FSC)

We at Solo Printing believe that responsible supply sourcing not only protects the environment but ensures those vital resources are available for the future. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has certified that Solo Printing meets its standards set to ensure the preservation of our forests. Over 150 million acres of forest are certified in the United States and Canada, with over 380 million acres worldwide. Solo Printing is proud to be a part of the FSC system, which is a voluntary program that enlists marketplace demands to encourage forest management to embrace sustainable forestry. Our FSC certification reflects our long-standing commitment to an environmentally responsible supply chain.


The Programme for the Endorsement Of Forest Certification (PEFC)

The Programme for the Endorsement Of Forest Certification (PEFC)

Solo Printing, through its consistent adherence to environmentally sound supply chain practices, has been certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). PEFC is an international nonprofit organization that works to encourage sustainable forestry practices throughout the world. We are proud of this third-party certification of our adherence to our business practices. By checking the certification of our own paper supplies with PEFC eco-labels, we can assure our clients that their quality printing is indeed green.


Sustainable Forestry Initiative Chain Of Custody Standard (SFI)

Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Chain of Custody Standard

At Solo Printing we are proud to be certified to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) Chain of Custody Standard. The SFI promotes sustainable forestry management that protects biodiversity, water quality, and wildlife habitat. Biodiversity creates a forest ecosystem that sustains the growth and overall health of the forest. SFI works with the local communities, conservation groups, and landowners to find sustainable forestry solutions. A healthy forest is our present and future natural resource.


Increasing Sustainability and Decreasing Environmental Impact of Commercial Printing

Green printing is the future of the printing business, and Solo Printing has implemented environmental and cost-effective printing solutions as a basic tenet to our company’s growth. We believe that green printing fulfills our clients’ vision, while protecting our forests, our air, and our environment. We love our customers and are always excited to speak to them! Contact us at (305) 594-8699 or request an online quote!


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